Quote1 That... THING! THAT NIGHTMARE! He... no, IT! Jessica's clothes... in one of it's, one of it's hands. Quote2

- Thomas Nealy
Thomas Nealy
Name Thomas Nealy
Alias(es) None
Status Unknown
Origin Original Mythos
Thomas Nealy was a character from the Original Mythos, he is also the first known adult victim of Slender Man.


Thomas had a daughter, Jessica whom in October of 1989 was playing with her friend. When it started to get dark outside, Thomas called Jessica's friend's house to tell them that she needed to come home. To his surprise, Jessica had left half an hour ago.

Thomas became worried and went out to look for Jessica. They lived by some woods, so he headed there first. By now, it had become really dark. Feeling nauseous, Thomas turned around, only to see a tall faceless figure, Slender Man. One of it's arms was holding Jessica's clothing. The entity was staring at him, but that was impossible, it had no face. Frightened, Nealy ran away.

Nealy was later interviewed by an officer, the entire conversation was taped. After Nealy told the officer about the faceless entity he started screaming that it was in the room. This was followed by the sound of gunshots and footsteps. Nealy and the officer were never found.

Thomas Nealy Interview

The Interview

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