Stirling City Libraty Blaze
Stirling city by victor surge
Name Stirling City Libraty Blaze
Location Stirling City, Butte County, California
Deaths 14, presumed
The Stirling City Library Blaze was the first recorded incident involving the Slender Man.


On the evening of June 13th, 1986 fourteen children vanished from Stirling City. A local photographer named Mary Thomas managed to take multiple pictures of the event, Mary was reported missing the same day. Her camera was retrieved and confiscated as evidence. The deformities of Slender Man were stated as film defects by government officials.

One week later there was a fire at the Stirling City Library. A majority of information about the incident was lost and only two photographs were retrieved.

Five months after the event the body of one of the fourteen children that vanished turned up in a nearby town's swamp.

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