Henderson Horse Farm Incident
Name Henderson Horse Farm Incident
Date June 15th, 1953
Location Tryon, North Carolina
Deaths 2
The Henderson Horse Farm Incident was an event that happened in 1953 and one of the first Slender Man-involved killings.


The Henderson Horse Farm which is located outside Tryon in Polk County, NC, was situated on land owned by the Henderson family since the mid 1800s. By 1953, the farm was owned and run by Ted Wilcox Henderson (41 years old), Judy Henderson (wife, 36), and Tracy Henderson (daughter, 6).

The Incident

On the morning of June 15h, 1953 neighbors of the Hendersons called the police complaining about the sounds of screaming and gun shots originating from the property. Sherrif Clint Denterman and two deputies, Dan Parks and Chris Fine, arrived at the farm at 8:34 AM. They found that the horses in the barn had been torn apart, "almost as if attacked by wild animals." Inside the main house, reports stated the presence of fresh blood throughout the living room, kitchen, and hallway.

Ted Wilcox Henderson was found in the bedroom, barricaded behind furniture. Next to him was the body of his wife, killed by a shotgun blast to the chest. Ted still had the weapon in his hands. Dan Parks was quoted as reporting:

"Ted had a freaked out, far off look in his eyes. He seemed to not realize that we were in the room. We asked what happened. Where was his daughter. But he didn't answer."

Ted was charged with the murder of his wife. Due to his mental state he was sent to Jenkins Mental Hospital. For almost a year and a half Ted did not speak. On the 3rd anniversary of the murder Dr. Dauton called the Sheriff. Ted was speaking:


The Call

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